Solitary magnificence!

Where the lion can be called the King of the Jungle, the leopard rules the trees! They are incredible climbers, and hunt by ambush. Sometimes they will literally jump out of a tree to land on a deer, or leap out of the bushes at an unsuspecting prey. Their beautiful coats give them the ability to camouflage easily in the dappled sunlight of a forest, where their spots break up their outline to the point where you might not see one even if it was within yards of you.

Athletic, agile, amazing

Leopards can be found in southern and eastern Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa, and are a close relative of lions. While they are not the size of lions or tigers, they are nevertheless formidable creatures, inspiring awe and wonder in anyone who sees one. A leopard can jump as high as 15 feet, down or up! They can swim well and love the water, and can pounce in a rapid motion, giving them the jump on any prey animal.

Black panthers

About 1-in-10 leopards are melanistic, coloured entirely black, save for their eyes and teeth! These animals are even more shrouded in mystery and legend. If you ever have the chance to look at one closely, you may be able to discern the subtle changes in shade on its fur, where the dappled markings would have been. It is thought that this gives them an advantage of hunting at night, and allows two leopards to share the same territory without conflicting. This is also common in jaguars, domestic cats, and many other creatures.

Beautiful and precious

The leopard's stunning coat features on art, clothing, furniture and heraldry. Thankfully the leopard is not hunted as extensively as it used to be, as conservation efforts have resulted in its protection in most countries. However it is still hunted illegally and many subspecies, like the Java Leopard, are critically endangered.


Bringing the leopard to life in a T-shirt

You can showcase this beautiful and ferocious symbol of Africa with one of our captivating T-shirts or sweatshirts. The black and white line-art shows off the fierce and intense leopard juxtaposed against the beautiful patterns of its coat, and demonstrating its ability to camouflage superbly into the background.


Leopard Print Premium T-shirt


Leopard Premium Cut and Sew Sublimation Unisex T-Shirt

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Materials 100% polester, premium Single Jersey Fabric, cotton Feel
Fabric weight 190gsm
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One of nature’s most enigmatic and elusive animals, the leopard is at home in the trees, where it sometimes waits for days looking for its next meal. Hunting by ambush, and mainly at night, the leopard’s beautiful spots help camouflage it, and break up its outline against the leaves and shrub-land.

This is the most intelligent of all the cats; it is strong and has a great ability to climb trees, even taking meals up there to keep it safe. Its coat is greatly camouflaged, especially in the right situations. It can be more active during the night. In this range, we depict a leopard with its cub in close proximity. The Leopard is also one of Africa's “Big Five”.  This unisex leopard T-shirt is crafted from premium 190gsm 100% polyester single jersey with a cotton feel. It has classic proportions and was constructed after printing to eliminate the imperfections.

The sublimation printing process allows the print to look vibrant and be durable whilst premium polyester single jersey provides comfort. Your products will be printed with love, and securely packed and shipped with care within 4-6 business days approximately. By knowing the estimated delivery time, you can determine how long it will take to receive the item.

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