Reality, what is your reality – have you ever challenged or questioned your own thoughts?

Facts vs opinions

There are many things we are told that we believe to be facts. Some of these can be proved with physical existence, something tangible you can touch and see, leaving no doubt of its existence.  Some of these are reinforced to us through everyday language, media, quiz questions, and establishment thinking. But still, many of these facts turn out to be incorrect. Whether they are based on incomplete information, false assumptions, or outright deception, it comes as a massive shock to us when something we believe to be ‘fact' turns out to be fiction.

Then again, there are as many opinions as there are people in this world. Everyone believes in different ‘facts' and puts them together, forming different opinions about what has really happened. Some opinions can be measured quickly, visually or by touch/feel. It is easy to go outside and see that the sky is blue. It is not so easy to test a supposed fact about how the Pyramids were built or how evolution took place. Did we evolve naturally from animals, or are we a creation of God? What is it that gives a fact more importance and weight than an opinion? Is it because it's easier to mentally process? And aren't they both the same thing once we strip away the bureaucracy?

 Stone appeal

When we think about it in depth, the most disturbing thing is that what we believe to be real, what we can touch and see and hear, can also be disputed. Stonehenge is a physical place that is well documented. I have never been there, but who erected these stones, why, How? Moving huge stones, the biggest weighing 30 tonnes and 225 km across rivers and land at a time of no cars! How and was this achieved?

This is not an illusion, a trick of the light, a mistake of memory or viewpoint, turning what can be considered fact into a disputable opinion. Furthermore, who is to say what we experience with our senses is real at all? These are hard facts, the tallest standing 8.71 metres tall and weighing as much as 30 tonnes, so undisputed proof. But proof of what exactly? 

 No explanation

There is no definitive proof that one theory is 100% correct. We don't understand what the pyramids were actually built for, why they are linked so close to a star formation built at a time when “Mankind” was not flying and had no access to sophisticated equipment to follow seasons in the stars OR did they have this knowledge. They showed the ability to combine astrology in many aspects of the structures they built. Dwellings built with stone cut at perfect angles and gold carving as smooth as glass. True craftsmanship at a time when there were no documented power tools, just hammers and chisel. So, how do you believe some of these were built/constructed?

 Questioning Reality – A journey of the mind

It is from this predicament that my blog was born. With the world so full of established ‘facts' and conventional opinions, it has become increasingly difficult to challenge these statements. My Blog aims to do this impartially, giving you the freedom to agree or disagree as you feel fit. Allowing you to question your own reality while reading a subject or an opinion. It gives you the opportunity to see if you believe that 1+1=2 in the equations of information that you decipher. The aim is to provoke thought, challenge conformist dogma, and give insight into personal experiences of past or current affairs or the values we hold as a civilisation or about society itself!!!!

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