He who greets with fire

Near the southern end of Africa in a country called Botswana, is a beautiful region called Savuti. This is a peaceful and picturesque area of Africa but in this area existed a pride of lions. This pride had a very dominant lion who was known as “Ntwadumela” translates it means “He who greets with Fire”. Strong, powerful, brave and fearless, he would defend his territory fearlessly, alongside his brother Mandevu for many years.

A legendary fighter against hyenas

Ntwadumela fought constantly against the hyenas of the reserve who would try to steal their food, and was documented at least 36 of them in his lifetime. His courage was legendary, and he took extraordinary risks in defending his pride. On one occasion he charged a bull elephant at a watering hole, and regularly challenged buffalo five times his size. His life alongside his pride of lions featured on a National Geographic documentary, which inspired people globally, and gave testimony to his magnificent life.

Fear, Majesty, Courage

Known as the King of the Jungle, these beautiful and mighty animals are a symbol of strength and independence. In terms of strength and size, only the Tiger in the cat kingdom can rival them, and they are one of the most feared and loved animals in Africa. Lions used to be native to most of Africa, Southern Asia and even Southern Europe, but they are now only common outside captivity in Southern Africa, where they conjure up majesty and awe in anyone nearby.

King of the Jungle or Queen of the Plains?

While the male lion, with its eye-catching mane and fierce roar takes much of the limelight, in many respects, it is the Lioness who is the Queen of the Plains. After all, the savannahs and grasslands are their primary hunting domain, where they ambush wildebeest, zebra, and even buffalo. In a pride of lions, it is the lioness who performs the hunting, and forms the bulk of the coalition. As carnivores, the lion competes with hyenas, leopards, and wild dogs for prey, and dominates all of them physically, but sometimes loses food due to sheer numbers of adversaries.

Friendship and loyalty

The lion features in many myths and legends. In one, a fugitive named Androcles found himself sharing a cave with a lion, who was limping due to a thorn in his paw. After Androcles removed the thorn, the lion become tame and friendly towards him. Later, when he was recaptured by the Romans, he was sentenced to death and thrown into an arena with a lion, which turned out to be the same lion. The lion remembered Androcles, and refused to attack him. Both Androcles and the lion were pardoned and released afterwards, and lived for many years together in the city of Rome, where their friendship was celebrated and revered.

The symbol of so many nations

From the English football team to the flag of Sri Lanka, the lion is a feature of national pride, wonder, respect, and bravery. Nations as diverse as Cambodia, Iraq, and Bulgaria have featured the lion on their heraldry, coins, and insignia. Many companies and sports clubs have the lion as their mascot, in the faith that the strength and courage of the lion can be embodied in their workforce.


A Vision of Africa

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With eyes that have generations of battles behind them, and a mane that gives him a charisma all of his own, the lion is the jewel in Africa’s wildlife crown. The lion is an everlasting symbol of power, strength, courage, and survival.

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